10 Brain Exercises That Boost Memory

Not only muscles are losing their ability with the passage of time our brain also loses the ability to repair and regenerate the muscles due to the degeneration. Memory loss or slowing down of memory or other problems caused by the neurological damages and other problems caused by the process of aging can be withstood by our brain without appearing of any sign and symptoms over a large period of time. With the passage of time, it causes the brain more difficult to do mental tasks of routine. But as the weight which works in later life and makes muscles weaker in later life exercises are done to improve them just like neurologist and researchers believe that healthy exercises should be done to improve brain health and to increase brain ability to memorize anything.

The Healthy Brain: A Multifaceted Approach

A person having significant and different healthy behaviors help to reduce the risks associated memory loss and brain damage.  A study done on 2,235 men during 30 years in 2003 and published in PLOS, ONE  reveals the relation between mental health and  five unhealthy activities like smoking, no optimal body mass index (BMI),low intake of vegetables and fruit, irregular physical activities and high alcohol intake. Participants who do follow these activities are at about 60% more risk of developing memory disorders and thinking the ability of the brain.

11 Early Signs & symptoms of Dementia (memory loss or memory disorders):

Robert Bender, MD, medical director of the Johnny Orr Memory Center and Healthy Aging Institute in Des Moines, Iowa found a relation between brain health and healthy diet which has the low content of fat, cholesterol and high content of antioxidants.

Along with healthy diet, regular exercise helps to improve vascular health which in return protects brain muscles and tissues. Self-protection from stress and   restlessness is also important. Dr. Border tells that our brain always approaches to learn more new things. He notices that in some researcher’s works it is told that people who do not pay attention and learn from their surroundings are more likely to suffer from dementia. When person’s brain is in the constant passive state, brain loses its ability to regenerate, he also concluded. Due to these factors passive and unhealthy activities like sitting in front of TV for many hours can affect brain health.

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Real-World Brain Exercises That Work:

A balanced diet and healthy exercise are the ways to improve brain health. Now a days brain training software’s are available but they have to show neurological benefits.

Brain experts recommend sticking with real world brain exercises.  Anything which is silly can work for brain says David Eagleman a neurologist. Driving a different path from the daily routine, brushing the teeth with opposite hand can also help. Morning habit of reading a newspaper is the good way to start. Games like sudoku and words games along with a tour to a different place where u see different things from previous  also boost brain functions says John E. Morley.

Test your recall ability:

Make a list of things which you want to buy, work you have to do or anything other which comes in your mind, memorize it. After an hour or later revise the list, write down the things you find to memorize more difficult. This will stimulate your brain to memorize them.

Play the music:

Learn to play a musical instrument. Studies have shown that learning something new and difficult over a longer time is ideal for a mind.

Do math problems, calculations in your mind without the external help. This will be found more difficult first time but then become easy.

Cooking involves all of our senses which involve different parts of the brain.

Learning a foreign language and vocabulary rich of difficult words stimulates the brain and help to improve cognitive behavior.

Draw a figure named it in your mind and find another word of the same length in your mind.

Mapping: After visiting new place try to draw the map of that place. This will help your visual ability to memorize.

Test your taste buds

Play a new game.                                                        

Note your hand and eye ability to work at the same time.




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10 Brain Exercises That Boost Memory

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