Importance of food in life

foods vs food
foods vs food 

15 signs that food is the most important thing in your life


For some, the response to that is a considerable measure trickier than it ought to be. Indeed, sustenance’s vital capacity is to maintain our bodies and furnish us with essential nourishment. Be that as it may, there’s a great deal more to nosh than that. Food can be a side interest and a genuine desire forever. Now and again nourishment can BE life. Do you adore your grub somewhat excessively? Here are the 16 signs which demonstrate that your fixation on everything eminent has possibly gone slightly far.

1. Lining your stomach is the most exciting part of a night out

Grass the mixed drinks and the shots, you consider the stomach is preparing stage important. A full dinner ought to be sufficient to arrange for you, isn’t that so?

best part of the Day!
The best part of the Day!

2. You plan your day around food

You would prefer not to go TOO far away on your outing. Missing lunch is essentially impossible. The principal thing you search for in any potential goal is the eating offices it has access.

3. Weddings and funerals are all about the buffets

The only reason you have a tear in your eye at these ceremonies is when you see the sheer amount of chicken drumsticks and sausages on sticks.

4. You have the local takeaway on speed dial

And your Just Eat loyalty points have reached a disgustingly high total and could probably keep a normal person fed for a fortnight.

5. You blow your wages in Tesco, not Primark

Who wastes their money on clothes? You can’t eat clothes!

Strawberry Fraisier cake  with slice of cake
Strawberry Fraisier cake with a slice of cake

6. When you’re stressed, it’s not a strong cup of tea you need

It’s a big chunk of lemon drizzle cake, thank you very much. Cake solves everything.

7. Having a bad meal is extremely crushing

When the moment you have been waiting for all day is disappointing, it can really get you down. It’s a whole 24 hours till your next dinner. Unless you fancy spending some of those Just Eat points.

same time tomorrow?
Tucking in to something healthy

8. You discuss what you’re having for dinner tomorrow while eating your dinner

The events that happen in between these two milestones simply aren’t worth discussing.

foods vs food
Couple eating popcorn in movie theater

9. The movie snacks are the most important part of date night

You don’t care if you’re eating in front of Mad Max or Pitch Perfect, so long as you’re eating.



10. The thought of a diet brings you out in a cold sweat

Why would people torture themselves in this way?



11. The most exciting aspect of Harry Potter was the interesting foods

You wanted that Hogwarts letter purely to try out pumpkin pasties and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. The magic spells were purely secondary.



12. You think food should have award shows

You’re watching the BAFTAs and considering which type of sponge would win ‘Cake Flavour Of The Year’

Come at me taco

13. You have a usual at the restraurant

Staff know that they don’t even need to bring you the menu anymore.



14. You know friends who ask you if you’re having a starter at lunch aren’t true friends

Stupid question really – three courses every time.



15. You pay special attention to what people are eating on TV

So what if Phil Mitchell is talking about Kathy Beale? What’s in his sandwich?

















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Importance of food in life

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