How To Take a Perfect Selfie Tips and Tricks

With smartphone being on a rise since recent years the trend seem to go further, with advanced technology now days its seems that all new models of these cell phones tend to provide much more than before advantages, like more battery life, stylish body, scratch resistance etc, but the most asked for feature is the camera of the phone.

It comes without a doubt that all smartphones available in the market now come with at least two cameras on them. This allows the user to capture countless memories on the go. To help people with their share of selfies here are some tips and tricks regarding different styles and poses that are key points for a perfect selfie.

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Some Various Styles And Poses

The basic style of the “selfie” is to extend out your arm at various lengths and just taking a picture with the camera, but over time people all around have seemed to come up with different styles and poses. The second most popular style of taking a selfie is with using both hands. When using both hands taking a selfie the arms could act as a frame. Also, this style makes it easier to hold the camera with one hand and push the shutter release button with the other.

Selfie Styles

When talking about various styles, selfies don’t actually mean to feature one’s face. Another popular style is the point of view selfie. Also known as the “Beach Feet Brag Selfie” This offers a viewpoint of the person. Want to show off your vacations pictures, a day at the beach having a picnic, this is a good way of showing it.

On the style, the list is another popular category known as the gym selfie. Popular among athletes of all kinds whether professional or amateurs who want to buff up, it is better when taking a gym selfie to make sure that the lighting is best and highlights on the best parts of the body. The one You’ve been spending countless hours perfecting.

Tips and Tricks

It seems that the internet is full of many useful pointers that make sure to spark up any selfie taken. The first trick to start off with is to adjust your shoulder placement, adjust them to what suits you best. Pose in an area with beautiful lighting; it seems many people use natural light when it comes to taking selfies. Also, try to make your selfies even more interesting by including something in them, bought a new shirt, had a new haircut, got a new tattoo show it off in your selfie.

Accessorize a lot, wear a pretty hat, or some fancy jewelry to add in details in your selfie. Or maybe even snap a selfie while engaging in some fun adventurous activities. Going hiking, or snorkeling make sure to take a selfie first.

The last tip is to express yourself through expressions, frown, pout or even make a silly face and remember to experiment a lot it might end up with something spectacular.




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How To Take a Perfect Selfie Tips and Tricks

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